I. Collaboration

Hero images for GatherContent’s book ‘Collaboration’ by Ellen de Vries

Collaboration — Originally titled ‘Collaborate’ 

This was a collaborative effort (no pun intended) with myself, Superhero Studios and the good folks over at GatherContent.

 The book is meant for anyone with an interest in collaboration techniques for digital teams. The practical advice and examples in Collaborate will help you think about the work you do as a collaborator in your day to day life.

It includes checklists, tools, reflections and experiments that can help you consider your own role in relation to others at work, as well as some practical activities to try out with your collaborative groups or teams.

Stylistcally I chose to continue with my tried-and-true methods of abstraction, however this go ‘round I dediced to tone down the high contrast in palette with deeper earthtones in its stead. The deeper colors coupled with a robust array of hand-drawn textures gives each element a chance to shine while elevating the readability of the text 

Above: First draft of the cover

Chapter title illustrations

Below are some extra little tidbits from the project 😉 

🤷🏾‍♂️ Oops...looks like this is all I’ve got here.

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